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mathieu bec

batteur compositeur /drummer composer


for more than 30 years

sculpts a minimalist sound from silence to thunder

based on natural frequencies and acoustic improvisation

His outsider minimalist aesthetic summons an archaic paganism

by playing the "void" with his drumset

His drumskin becomes a rubbed objects 's surface in a slidy surrounded sound

 Scuplting natural feedbacks,  this atypical percussionist uses various "concrets"tools as stones, water, wood pieces....

and questions the present time by breaking the codes of our physiological perceptions

the basic solo of percussions becomes a dark shamanic trance....unique experience !!!" (G.Chevreau)


Michel Doneda

Pierre Tilman

Ryosuke Kiyasu

Xavier Charles

Claude-Henri Bartoli

Wade Matthews

Guy-Frank Pellerin

Marc Pataut

Camille Emaille

Patrice Soletti

Pascal Battus

residency projet with Fritz Hauser

Stephane Clovis

 and some others Goh Lee Kwang , Claude Maheu, ,Sebastien Bouhana,Pierre Diaz, Guillermo Torres, Marc Siffert, Laurent Avizou, Jean-Louis Costes,  Julien Palomo, Henry Herteman, Naoto Yamagishi,Lilas Nagoya,Gilles Dalbis, Sébastien Job,  Henry Koek, ...Duncan Pinhas, Emmanuelle Stimbre, Vanessa Pettendorfer, Bruno Gussoni......Fujimoto Takami and , Jason Van Gulick

mathieu bec @ Chapelle (Montpellier )
mathieu bec @ Chapelle (Montpellier )